Thursday, June 04, 2015

Bernie Sanders for first Female president!

If Bill Clinton was America's first black president and Barack Obama is America's first Jewish president, why can't Bernie Sanders be America's first female president, you cis-bigot?! In fact, although Hillary Clinton was born in a human body, how do we know she's actually human? Maybe she feels alien and therefore is alien. Way cool! First alien president!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Mark Steyn has it right. If you want to be a Canadian, you can only fight in a Canadian uniform within the Canadian chain of command. Any other fighting is treason. The laws need to be revisited to make sure.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More bulldshit from the CBC cow
Banks have frequently been the targets of vandalism at recent summits, especially in the wake of the global financial crisis.
First part true, last part not true = bullshit. CBC? Please make sure your reporters are informed before spouting bullshit.
Claudia Calabro of the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, the umbrella group organizing protests around the meetings, said it would neither condemn nor support the firebombing because it is "not interested in speaking about tactics."

In a statement, the network said: "One burnt RBC bank branch pales in comparison to the death and devastation that the G20 policies create worldwide, and the Tar Sands create in Canada."

Bullshit, Claudia: you support the firebombing. "One burnt RBC bank branch pales in comparison to the death and devastation that the G20 policies create worldwide, and the Tar Sands create in Canada."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The conversion of an abortion agnostic

I have never been particularly exercised over the abortion issue. I've been content to let the two sides fight it out. But something James Taranato covered today made me think:
Writing in Slate, Meredith Simons suggests what seems an expedient remedy: keep abortion out of government insurance, and let private philanthropy fill the breach. But she notes:

Progressives hate the idea of a private abortion fund. They argue that abortion is a medical procedure like any other and should be covered by any insurance plan, public or private. Nobody has to set up charities for appendectomies--why do it for abortions?

An abortion is not an appendectomy. A burst appendix is a threat to life. Pregnancies lead to life. Pregnancy is, in fact, not an illness of any kind and, if not an illness, why are doctors "treating" it to "restore health" to the patient?

It's interesting. My view has now changed completely. Since pregnancy is not only healthy but super-healthy: the way in which all of us are born, doctors have no right to interfere. If the woman can't afford a baby, how is that a doctor's business? Since when is a doctor a social worker? A doctor's job is the physical health of his patient and, having taken the Hyppocratic Oath which instructs him to do no harm, to save life and alleviate suffering, doctors practising abortion should probably have their licenses to practise medicine revoked.

What a conversion from an abortion-neutral agnostic to a full-bloown Pro-Lifer! And why? Because the Left just doesn't know when to shut up and stop lying through its teeth.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I really love this blog for some reason. I can't get anyone to my site and look at what she's achieved! It's a phenomenon worth studying!

In case anyone is reading this

CTV news would have it that the bus passengers who escaped with their lives were brave. It must be so because CTV news said they were brave over and over. I think they did that in case some old fool still believes that a brave person would have disarmed the murderer and tried to save someone else's life. How old school! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with people fleeing. I'm not judging them, I'm judging CTV news. 300 Spartans held off tens of thousands of Persians at Thermoplyae: now that was brave! But then that was an act common to a great culture while our culture is a tiny turd slowly spiralling down a toilet. Is it too bad CTV advertises our shame or is it a good thing to have notice of it so we can fix the problem?

And the photographers have shown such a remarkable delicacy, not to mention a puzzling lack of common curiosity about the appearance of the accused man, Vince Weiguang Li. Now why is that? Curiosity is what journalism is about, is it not? And yet the BEST photo we can get is here? It's fascinating to note the hyperlink name to this story, which has the headline: "

Bus attack suspect appears in Manitoba court

Read this link very closely:,.

You see? This is a photograph of the "Mantiboba_victim," not the suspect. Get it? The guy with his head cut off is a victim and the guy who cut it off is a victim. So it's a draw. Let's get a soda.

I blew up a closeup and am posting it here. It doesn't give us much more information, unfortunately. This is the news team who I once watched interview a young girl, a victim of an horrific tragedy; they sadistically goaded her about her loss to capture every tear flowing down her pretty face. Their lack of curiosity about this killer is breathtaking. Are they afraid of being accused of racial stereotyping. Please! Tell me it ain't so! And why 2nd degree murder? An enormous knife brought on board for what? picking at his fingernails? Exhibiting the head to the passengers? Gee. Maybe it ought to have been common assault, huh?